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Batman Birthday Cake for Your Boys

batman birthday cake ideas

Batman birthday cake comes with manly and heroic themes which is so suitable for your boys. This kind of cake is favored by boys especially that this is the famous and heroic fictional character that always protects the justice in a city called Gotham. Then, here are some ideas that you may apply when you want to apply Batman themes for your boy’s birthday party.

First, batman birthday cake is simply with one or two tiers cake with simple topping and decorations. Batman birthday cake designs always come with four dominant colors those are yellow, black, grey and blue which all of them represent Batman as Dark Knight that fights against injustice at the night with his bat mask and black cape. The toppings can be done with yellow and blue for the view of Gotham city and the black color for Batman itself.

Second, batman birthday cake is simply made with the presence of his friend Robin and some his equipments when he frightens criminals, like guns plus the decorations of Batmobile will make the cake looks more heroic and cool because Batman utilizes a large arsenal of technological and modern gadgets and tools. Your boy will like this kind of decoration since Batman hues are so strong with the presence of his partner and useful tools of him.

Third, the theme of Batman fights against criminals of Gotham will be quite distinctive and unique. Batman birthday cake will look different with the decorations or toppings of Batman against his rivals or enemies like Joker as his ultimate rival, then The Penguin, The Riddlers, Two Face, Scarecrow and others. Make the cakes look different with this theme of how Batman beats those criminals. Batman birthday cake ideas are not always with the super heroic Batman but it can be with the heroic scenes right when Batman defeats those bad guys.

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