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Betty Boop Cake for Hot Ladies Birthday Party

betty boop birthday cake

Betty boop is the famous character in animated screen and for its sexy and hot appearance; those sexy and hot ladies who want to celebrate birthday party can use the Betty Boop themes for the cakes. Betty boop cake is so suitable and highly recommended for making the birthday parties are naughty, sexy and hot.

Betty boop cake is usually defined with the presence of Betty Boop for the toppings, with the dominated colors of red and white, or sometimes black, this kind of cake is so sexy in all aspects and views. The toppings with Betty Boop, with the sexy red lips and the curly short hair will make the cakes are divine. Betty boop cake designs are usually completed with kiss marks, love symbols for the toppings or feathers for decorations that you may apply for the cake designs.

Betty boop cake is also more alive and sexy with the naughty sexy Betty Boop figures. Her sex appeal poses will make the cakes look different and unique; moreover Betty Boop cake decorations are so simple by placing figures on the top of the cakes, because the figures help a lot on building the theme of the cake without the complex toppings. There are so many Betty Boop figures which are available in market with various poses of course.

Betty boop cake can be so more divine with unique and imaginative shapes so you may try to apply or choose unique shapes for the designs of the cakes, try to combine shapes to create unique look. For example heart shaped Betty boop cake or sofa shaped Betty boop cake. The shapes can boost the hues and themes, so be unique with the shape choices, moreover the shapes nowadays can be explored to create the creative designs for making the cakes.

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