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Bird Cake Toppers for Lovable Wedding Cakes

bird wedding cake topper

Bird cake toppers are the ultimate toppers because bird is always the animal that symbolizes true and everlasting love, so the bride and groom are always able to use bird toppers for their wedding cake since it is so versatile. Moreover the designs of the toppers are more innovative, creative and unique so any couples can choose any topper design that they like for the wedding cakes.

Bird cake toppers are usually used for vintage weddings, because that kind of topper is classic and old fashioned, but still it is favored and more romantic compare to other topper in its class. Bird wedding cakes will be so perfect with this topper; moreover if you have vintage or classic wedding themes, bird themes are the perfect decorations for the wedding cakes. But, those who have modern weddings can use the modern bird cake toppers because the styles are not limited.

Bird cake toppers are so romantic compare to other animal cake toppers. Wedding cake toppers are commonly with modern ones which are so innovative, but with bird toppers, the cakes will be more meaningful and classic. Bird toppers are commonly bird couple, female and male which are dressed like the real human couple, the male with tuxedo and the female with the dress or beautiful gowns. These kinds of toppers are actually so modern.

Bird cake toppers can come with various colors actually, but it is generally colored with natural colors like blue or white, with some small portions for striking colors. It is because bird toppers symbolize gentleness, softness and smoothness. Bird toppers also come with unlimited kinds of birds and can be decorated with some accessories to strengthen the themes like ribbons, bird cages, flowers, trees or others. No wonder that the wedding will be so wonderful with this.

bird cake topper

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