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Birthday cakes for boys and girl are absolutely different. For boys, you have to find creative theme related to sports, for example fishing. Fishing is great choice to make birthday cake for boys. Fishing cakes are innovative birthday cakes that bring out natural taste. Greenery and water present cool sense on birthday cakes. Fishing decoration can be created for round or square cakes. You can create waterfall with stone and grass on round cake. Scenic river, waterfall, stone, greenery, boat and fisherman are several items included in fishing cakes pictures.

Simple design of fishing cakes only contains of water and boat. Water is derived from blue butter icing. Edge of round cake is adorned with greenery or flowers. On center of cake, you can add boat with a fisherman fishing on water. It is simple concept of fishing birthday cake. You can make fishing decorative cakes without a fisherman. Place floating boat on water represented by blue butter cream. Add stone and colorful flowers around water. This could be spectacular fishing themed cake for you.

Fishing cake designs seems attractive although you only include water and boat only. If you are able to create virtual lake design on birthday cake, you will be successful to decorate fishing cakes. Round cake covered with blue icing must be added with boat or dock where people commonly fish. Tiered birthday cake with waterfall is embellished with a fisherman topper. You can polish whole sides of tiered cakes with light green to stick out blue waterfall. Animals on the tiered cakes can make fishing them look virtual.

Square fishing cakes are easier to decorate. Make artistic blue icing on edge of square birthday cakes. On surface, you can add fisherman fishing on blue water. Don’t forget to draw greenery and bridge around water. Alternative fishing decorative cakes contains of fish appears from water. It is very simple to make. As long as you involve fisherman, water, boat and fish the fishing themed cake is successfully made.

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