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Let’s Make Dinosaur Cake

dinosaur cake template

To hold birthday party, we need birthday cake that is decorated based on our preference. Birthday cake for kids is different from birthday cake for adults. The difference focuses on cake decoration. Birthday cakes for kids are ideally finished with cute decoration. Dinosaur cake is an innovative birthday cake that is suitable for kids. Dinosaur cake ideas décor should not be scary thus, children will not be afraid to eat the cake. Samples of dinosaur birthday cakes are found in any sources.

Dinosaur cake seems virtual if you décor it with greenery. Greenery decoration on birthday cake adds fresh look. Cute dinosaur topper is eye catching object of cake. 3D dinosaur cake is more fascinating and it requires detail decoration. Colorful dinosaur birthday cake is glaring decoration that drives children attracted. At a glance colorful dinosaur birthday cake seems like rainbow cake. To create dinosaur topper, you have to make it artistically. You should not design dinosaur topper like the real one. Dinosaur birthday cake could be crafted with several tires.

How to make dinosaur cake? 3D dinosaur birthday cake is hard to make but you can learn by reading following instruction. You have to prepare some ingredients that usually need to make common birthday cake. Green, blue and white butter cream icing is needed. You should prepare two round cakes, rolled fondant, chocolate chips, cinnamon red candies, toasted coconut and candy corn. Don’t forget to make dinosaur birthday cake image on paper.

Cut bake round cakes into several parts then compose those parts like dinosaur. Cover assembled dinosaur cake with butter cream in green color. Blend green icing with blue icing. Place fondant plates on dinosaur back. Add candy corn to create tail spikes. Dinosaur eyes are made of cinnamon candies while toes are made of chocolate chips. Nice finishing on dinosaur birthday cake is based on your creative ideas.

dinosaur cake

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